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Businesses of all sizes and industries need a website nowadays. But the monthly cost can vary depending on your industry, business size and budget. A big ecommerce website will require a considerable amount of money to set up, and running it can also incur high monthly expenses. On the other hand, a static website showing a clinic’s hours and location may hardly cost anything to set up. Cost is a very important factor for many businesses that are thinking of putting up a website and it’s especially important when selecting a web host. If you’re looking for a cheap web host, here’s a guide for you.

Cheap Web Host Overview

A web host is a company that has servers you can use for storing and delivering of files to create a website. Large companies with large websites can easily spend several hundred dollars annually on a dedicated hosting or VPS hosting plan. But for small or startup businesses, there are cheaper alternatives.
That’s precisely the services here are all about. We’ve picked out reputable web hosting companies that can take your website online without breaking your budget.

But the question is – how cheap is cheap?

The price of web hosting services is based on regular monthly costs, and there are no discounts provided for the starter plans. For monthly plans, we are using the prices provided by the host although a lot of them do come out cheaper on a per month basis if you are willing to pay the entire cost of the annual plan.

However, if you’re buying based on price, then you probably would not want to pay for the whole year upfront although it means you get to save a few dollars. Some budgets are very limited and besides, there are also websites that are not made to last for a year anyway. The ones we have featured here are hosting plans that are $3.75 per month of less.

Must-Have Features of a Hosting Plan

When you set up a website on your own using a domain you bought, you’ll find that it’s actually pretty easy. It’s also not expensive.  If you require a blogging software, email, e-commerce, email marketing and file sharing, these can also be added to your plan.

Another important requirement for any hosting plan is a reliable customer support. You want a service provider that you can get in touch with if something bogs down at 2AM. FAQ pages and forums may be helpful, but it’s really not as useful as a 24/7 customer support hotline.

What You’ll Get from Cheap Web Hosting

Basically, if you’re looking for cheap web hosting, you’ll have to look past the powerful but rather expensive VPS and dedicated hosting. Your options are limited to shared and managed WP hosting plans.

Shared hosting is basically a hosting plan wherein multiple websites are sharing one server. The idea of sharing the server with many others might seem suspicious but no, it doesn’t mean anyone can peek into your files or access your website’s content management system. They won’t be able to do that. The main benefit of a shared hosting is that it’s very cheap. But the drawback is that if other websites within the same server are consuming a lot of resources then it could affect your website’s performance. Some sites may even crash.

With managed WP hosting, you can create and run your WP blog easily. If your main purpose for your website is to have a blog, then a shared hosting plan is a practical choice.